[Advaita-l] Waking and Dream States - II

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I think we are in agreement; except in that I understand that chidaabhaasa
arises only from the contact with objects of the senses. My point was that
in the state of being in dream, there are not such external objects,
therefore chidabhaasa as such does not arise..though other aabhaasa may
already exist.. i.e. one does not learn about reality from the dream
itself.. only perhaps from the content of the dream and the fact that it has

Michael -  PraNAms

You are right that chidabhaasa arises as thought (of objects) arise in the mind - that we call specific reflecting thoughts.

What we call sakshii caitanya is also a reflection by the general background pool of the mind - it is also called upahita chaitanya -or conditioned consciousness - it is that because of which I have the knowledge of the experience of even deep sleep state where the vishyaa or object thoughts are not there. During realization it can also be referred to as akhandaakaara vRitti, which Ramana calls as 'I am' 'I am' wihout any qualifications since qualifications belongs to vishayaas. 

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