[Advaita-l] Vedastuti part I

NARAYANA MURTHY malahanikareswara at yahoo.co.in
Mon Sep 15 12:04:29 CDT 2008

Shri Jaldhar Vyas mahASayA, this has reference to your reference to shridharacharya as considered by gaudiyas which is mentioned below.
The most influential commentator, shrIdharAcharya is claimed by gauDIyas as one of 
their own but in fact was an advaitin too.
There is factual inaccuracy.
Gaudiyas do not claim shridharacharya as one of their own but denounce him in no uncertain terms
for more information, you can go through the earlier discussion under "Gaudiya discussions" under the topic "Caitanya, Sridhar Svami and Sankara, Elkman's edition of Tattva-sandarbha" (one of shatsundarbha composed by Sh RUpagoswAmin)
very detailed and interesting 18 page discussion on the above topic can now be found at :
Jayathu Jayathu nityam Sankaro deSikendro
Jayathu Jayathu nityam SAradA S bIshtadAtri


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