[Advaita-l] karma revisited -2

narayan iyer z1e1b1r1a at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 20 02:37:31 CDT 2008

Resoected Sri Sadananaji,

Thanks for your prompt response to earlier message.

I was learning through your excellent article "On Karma yoga: 6 - Choiceless Choice Advaita-l archives 2nd Jan. 06)- the analogy of throwing a big stone the up and waiting for the results - you wrote:

1."However, once I perform an action – say throw the stone up, I cannot
determine its result.  I cannot control its trajectory.  I can pray the
Lord to freeze the stone hanging in the air so that it would not fall on
my baldhead.  That prayer is also a course of action that I can choose
to make. It may or may not give the desired result.  The trajectory of
the stone, however, is determined by the gravitational force, Newton’s
laws of action and frictional forces, etc.  I cannot mend or amend those
laws to suit the results that I want, since I am not the author of
those laws.  They are part of the creation and Lord is the author of
these laws that dictate the result of my action."

In this situation, why do I pray??  Is there a one billionth of one per cent chance that stone will freeze?  Is there a law of Power of Belief, (in prayer/Almighty)created by Lord? Can it override law of gravitation if the Lord so wills?  This question arises out of the statement "it (prayer as a course of action) may or may not give the desired result"

2. "I am impartial to everybody, I have no liking for any one nor hatred for any one.  Whether one prays or not, whether one is a devotee or even non-believer, Krishna is impartial.  Just as gravitational forces act impartially whether I believe in it or not whether I pray it four times a day or not"....(cut/paste) "Hence Krishna says: “ye bhajantitu maa
bhaktyaa mayi te teshu chaapyaham – whoever worships me with devotion
they are with me and I am also with them – Those who understand the laws
of nature and operate correctly they are in union with Me and I also
bless them appropriately”. 

When the results are uniform for bhaktas and non-believers, what is meant by blessings to the Bhaktas here? And of what use are the blessings?

Kindly clarify when you can.

with thanks and regards,



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