[Advaita-l] 'whys, whats and hows'

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Fri Sep 12 02:58:53 CDT 2008


If to choose one instructional verse, I think, the choice could be 'Gita' verse no. 8/7 (tasmat...asamsayah ). Following this one suggestion from 'him', enormous benefits shall one gain without pain, and that is the key of peace & happiness. 'Pain' has an unwanted tendency to generate cynicism and false pride both of which blocks humility, modesty and humbleness, the essentials pathways of 'teachability' (letting the knowledge convert to 'wisdom').  

Verses nos. 2/16 (nAsato....tattva- darsibhiH) shall be the litmus test to identify the QUALITY (better the quality more the durability) and 8/6 (yAm yAm....tadbhAvabhAv itaH) the 'secret' of 'how' all things are manifested (thoughts are things).

With these three verses one can get over the confusions of being around without KNOWING EXACTLY the 'whys, whats and hows' of LIFE in general.




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