[Advaita-l] Knowledge and the Means of Knowledge - 21

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hari om
sri sadananda,
the two levels of nescience - one at the subject level and one at the object level sound very much like the two dimensions of the maaya - the aavarana shakthi that covers up the truth and the vikshepa shakthi that projects the untruth. is that correct?
sorry, i have entered this series at this point and i may be disturbing. you may have already explained this earlier. i congratulate your patient rendering, trying to get down to the level of a beginner and explaining all the concepts in such detail.
since each of your post is so very lengthy, i would appreciate if the important words are highlighted in bold so that they catch and hold reader's attention better.
hari om

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We are discussing the Vedanta ParibhASha of Dharmaraja Adhvarindra, on the basis
of my understanding. 

                 Knowledge and the Means of Knowledge -21

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