[Advaita-l] help needed on viewing, downloading and converting tiff files from digital library of India

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Dear Sri Ajit Krishnan

I mostly depend on Gopal Books at Kacheguda, Hyderabad. MLBD (Moti Lal Banarsi Das) publications are of high quality and most would be made available at MLBD stores in various metros (in Chennai, it is at Mylapore).

Nirnay Sagar Press books (or for that matter Vani Vilas, Srirangam or Vavilla Ramasastrulu & Sons, Chennai) are a different matter though.They are not available.

If original texts in Sanskrit is what you are looking for, you might want to check out the various palm leaf and other manuscripts available at DLI site maintained by CDAC, Noida at www.dli.cdacnoida.in.


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> namaste,
> I agree with the thought, especially when it comes to books in
> English, or those that are easily available, such as the
> sankara-granthavali republished by Samata books. However, when it
> comes to the "sanskrity editions" (sanskrit texts and
> [sub-]commentaries, with little or no translation), I have a really
> hard time locating them for purchase. The DLI and university libraries
> are a treasure trove for these texts.
> Perhaps some of you would be kind enough to share the names / contact
> information for booksellers that carry these kinds of titles. During
> my next trip to India, I'm willing to make a special side-trip just
> for this.
> Examples of such books are "upanishad-bhashyam" published by Mahesh
> Research Institute, and pretty much anything advaita previously
> published by Nirnaya Sagar Press.
> bhavadIyaH,
>         ajit


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