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hari om

whenever we meet a close friend of ours we feel so happy and elated. spending some quality time with that friend makes us jubilant and rejuvenated because of the closeness that we have in that relationship. this closeness occurs as we feel that there are number of things that we both care and share together.

similarly, whenever we go to a river, beach, forest, mountain or witness any scenic beauty, immediately we bond with nature as we share the same basic five elements - the pancha bhootas that we both are made up of. the nature is part of the macrocosm and we are the microcosm and we strike an instant affiliation with each other. whereas, the concrete jungle is something that is totally alien to our natural state and hence we do not feel very comfortable amidst that. our bonding with the natural beauty around us is similar to the natural bonding that exists between a child and its mother. hence we refer to the nature as mother nature!


--- On Fri, 7/11/08, Karthik Subramanian <karthikvathula at yahoo.com> wrote:
Why does the mind experience a sense of awe, tranquility, happiness (don't
know if it could be bliss, too) when it sees scenes of nature like rivers
and mountains, primarily the snow-capped Himalayas? Does these cast any effect
on the mind? Or are these expressions arising the Atman?
Request clarification.



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