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As against this, we have amalAnanda, the 13th century

author of vedAnta-kalpataru, quoting from the prapancasAra

and attributing it to the AcArya. kalpataru is a commentary

on the bhAmatI, which, as we all know, is a commentary on

Sankara bhagavatpAda's brahmasUtra bhAshya.


In academia, what people do know about Sankara and what

they think they know can often be two different things. The 

latter is more often than not, derived from the work of other

scholars, not from the primary sources themselves. One should

have good respect for the methods of critical analytical

scholarship, but question many of their starting assumptions.


In the bhAshya, Sankara refutes sphoTavAda, not the concept

of Sabdabrahman. Of course, there is a different interpretation

of the upanishadic statement, vAg vai brahma. And as far as I

can tell, there is nothing in the prapancasAra to think that this

text subscribes to the sphoTavAda view of Sabda, as opposed

to the vedAntic view of Sabda.



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> Hello,
> The following quotation is from 'Auspicious Wisdom' by Douglas Renfrew Brooks; page 44:
> "The author of the Prapacasara Tantra is not likely the "original Shankara," for a host of reasons including his acceptance of shabdabrahman, a position which Shankara the Brahmasutrabhashya author rejects."
> Would the members please elucidate the position of Shankara on shabdabrahman based on Brahmasutra. Apart from shabdabrahman what other brahmans (?) are rejeted by Shankara.
> Regards
> Srikrishna
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