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hari om 

thank you, sri srinivasa murthy ji, for drawing my attention to certain words and phrases and suggesting me to go thro some of the upanishadic bhaashyaas.

the explanation that i have made is from a sadhaka point of view, who is just stepping into the field of spirituality and who would like to know whether any progress is being made. at that stage "I" and "my" are very much part of me and hence "my antahkarana". the triputis are very much a part of my thought process. only when realization dawns do the triputis merge. i do not know much sanskrit and i am not competant to read and understand big bhaashyaas of acharya shankara. whatever little vedanta that i have learnt is through shankara stotraas only. i am open to corrections and suggestions.


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Pranams to all

On 10/31/08, latha vidyaranya <lathavidya at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

"how clean is my antahkarana becoming after all the sadhanas that i am
doing? how do i know that i am progressing? - by the fact that the
turbulances in my mind is becoming lesser and lesser, i start
perceiving more and more peace of mind than earlier,".

Dear Smt Lathaji,

        There are three very important phrases in your posting quoted above.
                They are (1) "my antahkarana" , (2) "How do I Know that I am progressing" and

                              (3)  " I start perceiving more and more peace of mind".

(1) When you say "my antahkarana" the antahkarana becomes an object possessed by you.Then
you can see in your own anubhava that the anthakarana is an adventious object and you as the SEER of that object are untouched by it. In this connection I draw your kind attention to the mantra 4 , second chapter of Kena Upanishad and Sri Shankara's commentary on it. I request

you to study in depth and cognize the facts revealed by Sri Shankara in the commentary and which one is not aware of within yourself.

(2) Are there two "I"s within you , one "I" to observe the progress and  another "I" which is progressing? 

(3)  " I start perceiving more and more peace of mind". You are the perceiver of the state of mind
according to your statement. Who is that "YOU" that perceive the state of mind? Is it the person,

is it the the entity which perceives the mind? Please investigate.I draw your kind attention to the mantras 3-8-11 and 3-7-23 of Bruhadaranyakopanishad. 

APPEARING AS ANTHAKARANA. Reference : Upadeshasasri ; Chapter 18, Sloka 1 which
reads as follows :
   yEnAtmanA vilIyanta udBavanti ca vRuttayaH |

   nityAvagatayE  tasmai namO dhIpratyayAtmanE || 18-1
       Reverance to that eternal Consciousness (avagati), the Self of the mental presentations-that Self from which they rise and into which they dissolve.

When once above facts are seen within oneself by oneself , Where is the place for the notions 
stated in your posting?

With warm and respectful regards,
Sreenivasa Murthy

hari om
 how does one understand that the dust settled on the mirror is clearing? by the very fact that the image reflected in the mirror becomes clearer and clearer and when the mirror is fully clean, there is absolutely no doubt about the form of the image - it would be crystal clear.

 similarly, how clean is my antahkarana becoming after all the sadhanas that i am doing? how do i know that i am progressing? - by the fact that the turbulances in my mind is becoming lesser and lesser, i start perceiving more and more peace of mind than earlier, there is less of negativities in my mind and more positive outlook and more of unconditional love flowing out of my heart, less tendency of the mind to get agitated. you are at peace with yourself and with the world outside............... but the vulnerability still lurks in a corner and hence the need for the sadhana to continue.

 somebody said that absence of nitya karmas does not accrue sin, but that performance of nitya karma definitely reduces the sin. but IMHO a room that is left unswept slowly gathers more dust and hence the need to sweep everyday. since we are all still playing our roles in the vyavaharic world, we are bound to accumulate dirt of one kind or the other if not watchful. hence the need for nitya karmas and/or any saadhana.

 all of us are trying to climb the spiritual ladder, at our own pace. each one is at a different rung on this ladder. one who is at the bottom rung can climb faster and reach higher heights than one who was earlier in a top rung, but has fallen down due to some hindrance. there is no need to feel that "i" am standing higher than the other fellow, which would defeat the very purpose of climbing ! as long as i am climbing the ladder, am at any rung, i am bound to reach there, provided i have the desire to reach the top and go beyond it.


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