[Advaita-l] Mimamsa: mental perception as pramANa

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Shree Praveen Bhat - PraNAms

While analyzing the Vedanta Paribhaasha Text of Dharmaraja Advarindra, I have discussed the internal perceptions where the pain, pleasure etc come under which are direct perceptions and recollection of the past perceptions via memory were discussed exhaustively. You may be able to download those articles from archives.
Hari Om!

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Mimamsa: mental perception as pramANa
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> praNAm all,
> In the article "Purva Mimamsa" by Dr. Subhash C.
> Sharma (compiled from 
> The Rig Veda; / and
> /Indian Philosophy, Vol. 2, by S. Radhakrishnan, ISBN
> 019563821-4, pp. 
> 374-429), he says
> that in pratyaksha pramANa, although Mimamsa doesn't
> accept yogic 
> perception or smr^ti as
> pramANa, it does admit mental perception by which there is
> cognition of 
> pleasure, pain, etc.
> The problem I face is that smr^ti of a certain event or
> even a dream 
> could cause cognition of
> pleasure/ pain. How is this separated out from smr^ti? Or
> am I 
> misunderstanding mental
> perception itself?
> On a related note, could someone who has studied Mimamsa/
> sutras guide 
> me to an authentic
> online or printed resource on it, with an English
> translation/ 
> commentary? Meanwhile, I'll look
> up the archives where much of this may have been discussed,
> perhaps by 
> Hudli-ji,
> Balasubramanian-ji, etc.
> Thanks much,
> --praveen
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