[Advaita-l] Mimamsa: mental perception as pramANa

Praveen Bhat bhatpraveen at gmail.com
Fri May 30 02:09:31 CDT 2008

praNAm all,

In the article "Purva Mimamsa" by Dr. Subhash C. Sharma (compiled from 
The Rig Veda; / and
/Indian Philosophy, Vol. 2, by S. Radhakrishnan, ISBN 019563821-4, pp. 
374-429), he says
that in pratyaksha pramANa, although Mimamsa doesn't accept yogic 
perception or smr^ti as
pramANa, it does admit mental perception by which there is cognition of 
pleasure, pain, etc.
The problem I face is that smr^ti of a certain event or even a dream 
could cause cognition of
pleasure/ pain. How is this separated out from smr^ti? Or am I 
misunderstanding mental
perception itself?

On a related note, could someone who has studied Mimamsa/ sutras guide 
me to an authentic
online or printed resource on it, with an English translation/ 
commentary? Meanwhile, I'll look
up the archives where much of this may have been discussed, perhaps by 
Balasubramanian-ji, etc.

Thanks much,

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