[Advaita-l] chanting knowing the meaning whether necessary

subramanya.uh subramanya.uh at in.yokogawa.com
Wed May 28 23:40:07 CDT 2008

Hari om!
Mr Mallik has stated "Even though I agree that understanding the meaning
helps in having a "feel"
for "chanting", is it really possible in today's world?"

Everything is possible Dear Mallik! A Sherpa of 73 years of age has climbed
Mount Everest recently. Mr. Singhania flew in the hot air Ballon at 73 and
made a world record.  It is our attitude and spirit that is important
whether to learn or not.

In response to Mr. Krishna Murthy's  remarks,that one should recite mantras
only after understanding their meaning,  I would say that is not necessary
to learn the meanings before chanting. One can do otherway  Viz .Learn to
chant mantras first and then learn the meanings later just like a baby
speaks the words  without knowing their meanings and then understanding
their meanings.

Chanting is the first step and learning the meanings is next. Then only one
can think of Manana and Nidhidyasana.

Dr. Yadu has justified this by Quotes by many sources. All are worth noting!


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