[Advaita-l] The role of Ahimsa in Moksha sadhana

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 12:42:28 CDT 2008

Buddha on his way to Pavapuri near Kushinar he visited his disciple "chuNDa", an iron-smith by trade.  Buddha is said to have eaten rice with "kukurmutta" (minced meat preparation from pork).  He then became sick and died in the amrakunja.
  As an advaitin question often comes to my mind that his disciples claimed that the food was spoiled and he (Buddha) knew and despite of this he consumed it out of compassion.  
  IMO- This cannot be true because Indians are champions who try to glorify their teachers.

  Our rudra states:  ye anneShu vividhyanti paatreShu pibato janaan || namak 11.7 ||
  Meaning that rudra hides in utensils and the food.  Thus food poisoning was well understood by our vedic ancestors.  It is unfortunate that we do not use the knowledge to make our life safer.  If Buddha was a knowledgeable person, which I have absolutely no doubt could not have gone against his better judgment. (aatmaanam satataM rakhaat).
  Above story also confirms that just academic knowledge has little value.  Reciting rudra has no value if one does not understand it or use it for their own benefit.  That is why Yaska established a daNDaka - yo.arthaj~n itsakalM bhadra muShnute.  If this is not practiced the one remains a sthaaNuu.
  Sayanacharya's interpretation of rudra is mostly karmapara usefulness of rudra.
  Just some thoughts of $0.02
  Kind regards,
  Dr. Yadu
Ramesh Krishnamurthy <rkmurthy at gmail.com> wrote:
  2008/5/26 :
> is,it is difficult to believe that a compasionate Buddha will eat meat or
> allow an animal to be killed for his sustenance.

FYI, bauddha tradition records that the SAkyamuni died after having
consumed pork. The animal was already dead, and the SAkyamuni accepted
the meat out of compassion for the person who offered it, even though
he knew fully well that the meat would harm him.

ahiMsA, compassion et al are not as simple as they sound !!

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