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1/ Your point on vegetarianism is thought provoking and a complex one.
2/ My book(ish) knowledge tells me that if yoga's ethics is a part of moxa-sAdhanA then ahiMsA (and hence indirectly vegetarianism) is also part of it.
3/ Perhaps you are advocating bauddha madhyama mArg as a part of our SishTAcAra. That, we should not kill anybody but if somebody else kills, cooks, and serves us then we are free to accept it or reject it as a part of our tradition.
4/ How can we identify a particular behavior (action, reactions, habits etc) as a movement towards paramArtha level? Can sAdhaka continue with many a things (drinking, sex, and other pleasure seeking activities etc) as a part of SishTAcAra in his sAdhanA? Well, all fuzzy issues and I think it is better to go by sAdhana catushTaya yard-stick. This is a personal opinion and not universal one :)



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