[Advaita-l] On the different types of Adwaita

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Mon May 19 06:27:42 CDT 2008

This is with reference to some mails regarding the different shades of
Adwaita like,Neo-Adwaita,pseudo-Adwaita etc. with many self-appointed
There is an interesting poem by Sriharsha,the author of
"Khandana-Khandakhaadya".Sriharsha was a monist.His faith in Adwaita was
total and his reverence for Adi Shankara deep.He wrote the work called
"Khandana-khandakhadya"refuting all objections to Adwaita.In his Naishada
Kavya"the story of Nala,he depicts the scene of the "svayamvara" hall with
Damayanti baffled by the appearance of five Nalas.The
Gods,Indra,Agni,Varuna and Yama who were jealous of Nala being married to
Damayanti,disguise themselves as Nala and take their seats with the real
SriHarsha writes in "Naishada:
    "Saaptum prayachhati na pakshyachatushtaye taam
     Tallabhashamsini na panchamakotimaatre
     Sraddhaam dadhe nishadharashankimatau mataanaam
     Adwaitatattva iva satyatarepi lokah"
In the place of diverse philosophical doctrines,people do not believe in
the true one,Monism.Similarly,in the presence of four other
Nalas,Damayanti did not believe in the reality of the fifth,the true Nala.

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