[Advaita-l] Adwaita list discussions

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat May 17 00:25:17 CDT 2008

Dear Mr.Murali Manohar
It is refreshing to hear from you after so many years.Where are you?Where
are you employed?How is that you are not taking part in the discussions.
Coming to the points raised by you,I would like to state that the replies
to the Email do require some refinement to clearly put across one's
views.But I find that the majority of the lists donot contain a definite
format.Also,the format that one must follow has not been clearly
expressed.I would like to ask how to hit upon such a format?Kindly
explain.Secondly,the title or Id "advaita-1 at lists.advaita-vedanta.org"is
not found in most of the Emails.I think it must be included so that the
member can easily send his views.May be I may sound little bit barging
into the discussions,but the time and space for me in our institution (you
know)amidst the pressing teaching assignments leave me very little
scope.But,any way thanks for the suggestions.
It has been long time I saw you.But,where are you and in which city?Abroad
or inland?
I very well remember your family,mother,Sindhu,whom I met in your house in
Jayanagar?Are you married?Is Sindhu married?Convey my respects to mother
and father and my best wishes to Sindhu.Dr.Sampath is fine.We meet almost
every day and discus on the philosopy,J.K(you know that I am a staunch
opponent to J.K's views).Kindly keep in touch.
Best wishes and regards,                              N.Srikanta.

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