[Advaita-l] Status of Traditional Learning in India (was Re: Interesting URL)

Ramesh Krishnamurthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Wed May 14 09:01:49 CDT 2008

Dear Sri Siva Senani,

I am not in a position to give a detailed reply right now - just a
couple of points:

1. By "vaidika community" I generally merely meant those schooled in
the Veda in a traditional way. I was not referring to the vaidiki
smaarta-s of AP who form a subsect of their own.

2. Srividya I agree is doing well (again I have come across several
practitioners of late) but where is Srividya in the so-called
"neo-Vedantic" circles? Does the Ramakrishna Math teach Srividya or
any form of tantra-mantra-shaastra? Not to the best of my knowledge.

My primary point was that the sadhana element as preserved by the
traditional Sankaran mutts is not being adequately carried forward by
the newer groups due to various limitations. Everything else I wrote
is purely incidental and may be ignored. I was not trying to make
general comments on the status of traditional learning in India. That
is a big subject in its own right.


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