[Advaita-l] The Evolution of Advaita from Sankara till Date

Krunal Makwana makwanakb at googlemail.com
Wed May 14 07:51:20 CDT 2008

Jai Sri Krsna


Dear All,


The past couple of posts have discussed Advaita and its history but is there
a pattern of how Advaita has changed since the time of AdI AcArya till date.


When did the role of Yoga take place?


When did Tantra take predominance?


(another other changes I have not mentioned, be it through forgetting or


>From the little I have studied, it seems that the traditional Advaita from
Adi AcArya has changed considerably from the pure spiritual unflinching
necessity of GYAna of AcArya to the vaishnava bhakti movement of madhUsUdana
saraswatI. This then evolved to a scholarly approach to vedAnta (Swami
Vivekananda) and the avadhUta mentality of ramana maharishi.


Can the wise of the list shed light as to why the philosophical trend
changes but still trying to keep advaita the aim? Another question also
arises that does the 'new/neo/pseudo' vedAnta really lead one to


I'm quite intrigued by this hence my inquisitive post.


Kind regards,



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