[Advaita-l] Interesting URL

Sundaresan, Vidyasankar (GE Infra, Water) vidyasankar.sundaresan at ge.com
Thu May 8 11:35:35 CDT 2008

Many of us on this list have been noticing with some disquiet, the
increasing trend of many self-appointed teachers nowadays, especially in
Europe/America. Typically, they claim an enlightenment experience and
some connection, however tenuous, with Ramana Maharishi, or Nisargadatta
Maharaj, or some other recent Indian guru.

Here is an interesting criticism of this trend from one Western author.
The following URL was originally posted on the Advaitin Yahoo list
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/advaitin/message/40572). I am posting it
here for the benefit of our list members who may not be on the other
list. Apologies to those who are on both lists and will get it a second

Please check out


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