[Advaita-l] discusion of Yoga in Adwaita

srikanta at nie.ac.in srikanta at nie.ac.in
Sat May 3 01:11:18 CDT 2008

In his Email of sri.Vidyasankara sundareshan,he writes:
"I really donot wish to contribute to an atmosphere of animosity.....and
for discussion there must be understanding between the two parties....."

If the email I had sent is construed to be sent in an atmosphere of
animosity,then was the wording of SriVidyasankara"..... if sadyomukti
could have been achieved by everyone we would all be living exemplary
lives" was framed in an atmosphere of indignation and which sounds
futility?SriVidyasankara has the right to have his views,but he must also
carefully read what the sender of the Email means.There is no use in
polishing by saying"it doesnot say anything different".
Again I repeat to the quotations Sri,Vidyasankar has sent from
Bhagawathgita Bhashya,Brahmasutrabhashya,brhadaranyaka bhashya and the
Taittariya Bhashya that Yoga and other darshanas are imperative for
obtaining Brahmajnana or Sadyomukti and everyone has to practice them.In
his bhashyas Shankara has not made an attempt to contradict the rishis who
have gained the Ashtaishvarya like Anima,lagima,etc,... the ashtaishwarya
but carefully avoids them making any derogatory remarks.I would like to
state that Yoga,dhyana may be necessary for some in the starting stages
who are not used to contemplation and hearing of vedanta(because of
various pratibandhakas,but for a qualified aspirant who possesses the
sama,damaadi shatkasampat,Brahmajnana is obtained by hearing the
All the Upanishads declare in one voice"Na anya panthaha vidyate
ayanaya"(There is no other path whatever to achieve this).
regards,Bhave Shankara Desika me sharanam.                N.Srikanta.

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