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> with reference to the above topic of discussion, Sri
> vidyasankara
> sundareshan replies to my Email in the Adwaita list:

> I have gone through almost all of the Shankara bhashyas on
> Brahmasutras,Upanishad bhashyas,and the bhashya on
> Bhagawadgita,no where
> he has stated that other darshanas are indispensive for
> Brahmajnana.Infact,he emphasizes again and again,that
> avidya nasha by
> right perception alone is enough for samyagjnana,that is
> the hallmark of
> Shankara vedanta.

Sir - If I may suggest that please go through Shree Vidyashankara's post more closly before posting another mail. 

The follwoing is the statement of Vidya: 
> "Shankara fully takes into account the contribution
> that yoga and other
> darshanas make towards qualifying us for that jnana"

There is no mention of indispensability of yoga here -What Vidya says and Shankara endoresement that yoga as well as other darshana can provide the chitta suddhi needed for jnaana - they are not substitute for jnaana.
Shankara says - na yogena na saakheya karmaana no na vidyayaa, brahmaastmaika bodhena mokshaH siddhyati naanyathaa| 

In the 

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