[Advaita-l] Discussion on Drg drsya viveka and vakya sudha

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Mon Mar 31 03:04:30 CDT 2008

>This is with reference to SriVidyasankara Sundreshan It is not possible after so many years to look for manuscript
>evidence.Infact,many manuscripts have been lost/or and statements by eminent persons are couched in other>manuscripts.What I see is that the verse "asti bhati priyam...." is so fundamental in the nature of adwaita
>vedanta and Sankara could have made or by his predecessors like Govinda Bhagawatpada or Gaudapada.ANy>way,this verse is so fundamental and Bharati Tirtha could not have made it without the support of Sankara.
>Regards,                                              N.Srikanta.

The "asti bhAti priyaM.." verse also occurs in the sarasvatI rahasya upaniShad of the Krishna Yajur veda. Please see, for example an English version: http://www.kalki.ru/108-upanishads-sarasvati-rahasya-upanishad/ verse 58. The sarasvatI rahasya upaniShad has a commentary by upaniShad brahma yogin. It is possible that the dR^ig dR^ishya viveka refers to this verse from the upaniShad.


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