[Advaita-l] Discussion on"Drg drsya viveka" and "vakyas-sudha"

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Sat Mar 29 02:04:14 CDT 2008

Dear ssri Vidyasankara sundareshan,
The point I was making was,though Bharati Tirtha(or combined Bharathi
tirtha and vidyaranya) might have written the treatise(Drg drsya viveka,it
is mentioned that Brahmananda Bharati wrote a commentary(I repeat
commentary) on Drg drsya viveka.One is a treatise  and the other is a
commentary on the treatise.There is definitely a difference between a
treatise and a commentary.It is also probable that a treatise followed by
a commentary as in the present case "drg drsya viveka"written by one
person, and its commentary"vakya-sudha" written by another person goes by
the same name(and at some times by alternate names.Such method is common
in Indian philosophy,as in Mandukyopanishath followed by Gaudapada
karikas,for instance the "Agama prakarana"of Gaudapada goes in the name of
the Upanishath itself.In the Buddhist  Mulamadhyamaka karika of Nagarjuna,
the commentary by Chandrakirthi is studied along with the karikas.

The verse"Asti bhati priyam..."might have been a verse stated by Sankara
himself.Since Bharati tirtha also occupied the Sringeri peetha as stated
by Swami Nikhilananda,Bharati tirtha might have been called as
Sankaracharya as it is customary to call the peethadhipathis.
Regards,                                           N.Srikanta.

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