[Advaita-l] Discussion on "Knowledge and the means of knowledge"VP-11" on Determinate and indeterminate

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--- srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:
He twists the statement"Tat tvam asi" to mean
> that
> Brahman and jiva are different,while the statement is more direct and
> immediate.Infact no where in his SriBhasya,Ramanuja uses the
> Samanadhikarana principle as clear as Sankara.So is the meaning of
> the
> Mahavakya,"satyam,jnanam,anandam
> Brahma"who twists the meaning as qualities(guna)in Brahman.When
> Ramanuja
> accepts that the Brahman has parts,where is the question of "Bhaga
> tyaga
> lakshana".It will do well towards understanding of the VP if
> SriSadananda
> refrains from bringing in Vishishtadwaita.
> Hari Om Tat Sat.                                   N.Srikanta.

Shree Srikantaji - PraNAms.

The explanation of samaanadhikarana used by Bhagavan Ramanuja is
suppose to convey exactly how the meaning of tat tvam asi was distarted
to arrive at apRithak siddhi of visheShaNa-visheshya and establish the
oneness in terms of antaryamin. Advaita also uses kaarya-kaaraNa
samaanadhikarana to explain causal relations of Brahman and jagat.
Although both use samaanadhikaraNa, the emphasis is different.  

The purpose of the discussion of the vishiShTAdvaita criticism of
adviata is to bring in to show more light on the beauty of the advaitic
doctrin only. 

Your last advise is a sound one and it is really noble for all of us to
follow that advise. I thank you for that. 

Since shree Vidya is addressing the issue you have raised with respect
- asti bhati sloka -no need for me to respond.

Shree Vidyaji - thanks for your prompt input. I have studied that sloka
from dRik dRisya viveka From Chinmya Mission publication book.

Hari Om!

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