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 Even though the text books of high school and graduate students are
different one cannot start quantum physics without beginning with
highschool topics as curvature etc.
True,but the subject matter are different.The other takes one to different
dimension when the vedanta say and point out that the karmakanda is lower
and that there is a greater reality,'satyasya satyam".The upanishads
categorically state "thou art That","Aham Brahmasmi",but the samhitas
which contain the ritualist portion do not say so.Whereever Jnanakanda
starts,it condemns the lower karmakanda and their performances.Also,the
karma fretters fall off for a realised man and hence he neednot and will
not fallback to karmas."Bhidyate hrdyagranthih chidyante sarva
samsayah,kshiyante asya karmani tasmin drste paravare",There is noway this
statement hold good for a mman who is in karmakanda.There are clear
statemnts that "one has to go to the Aranya to realise it" etc.such
statements are not found in karmakanda.Even the Jnanakanda start not with
the introduction of karmas,but with the condemnation of the
karmas.Hence,there is no way that in the karmakanda it can say that
Brahman is the ultimate reality of the world in the absolute sense,but it
says that Brahma(Hiranyagarbha) is the source,sustenance and end of the
world.Infact,there is no world in vedanta,but only "Brahman",not
individualistically,as one has elevated himself,but only "Brahman"in the
absolute sense.Gaudapada in the Gaudapadakarikas on Mandukyopanishath say,
"prapancham yadi vidyeta nivarteta na  samsayah"
Mayamatram idam dwaitam,Adwaitam paramarthatah"

Brahadaranyaka also say,"Yatra hi dwaitam iva bhavati taditaram payati
                          yatra tu sarvatmaivabhuh tat kena kim pasyet"

Isavasyopanishath says"tatra ko mohah kam shokah ekatvamanupasyatah"
Mundaka sruthi declares"Brahmaveda Brahmaiva bhavathi"


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