[Advaita-l] Regarding the discussion"Do the vedas say that Brahman is not the ultimate reality of the world"

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Wed Mar 26 01:00:55 CDT 2008

This is with reference to the Email of Sri.Vidysankar Sundareshan 
regarding my EmailMarch 25,2008) on the question of Sri.K.R.Narayanan "Do
the vedas say that Brahman is not the ultimate reality of the world"(March
Vedas contain both karmakanda and jnana kanda.In most of the Upanishaths
Jnana kanda start after condemning the karmas.For ex.in the
Mudakopanishath it is said "Pariksya lokan karmacitan nirvedamayat
brahmano nasti akrtam krtena...."
Further the Upanishath continues condemning the karmas"plavahyeta adrdah
But the Vedas even though at the end contain the vedanta portion contain
mainly and vastly the karmakanda.The karmakanda donot categorically state
that Brahman is the ultimate reality of the world,as in jnanakandaThis is
reserved for the jnanakanda.The karmakanda contains mainly the
yajnas,yagas,grhyasutras,ganam,mantras,the methods of appeasing the Gods
and Godesses.That is the cause for splitting the vedas as Purvamimamsa and
uttaramimamsa,with Jaimini as the authority for purvamimamsa and vyasa for
the uttaramimamsa.
regards,                                             N.Srikanta.

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