[Advaita-l] Discussion on "Knowledge and the means of Knowledge", with reference to VP

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Dear All,
Please help me in understanding the line "envelops the object,and takes the shape of the object".  How it is possible in Advaitic stand point of view? I was thinking that all these time that mind itself take the form of the object as it is the source and sink .  But the explanation of Dharmarajaji allows the dvaitic point of view where the object should have existed earlier so that mind can envelope it (just like the cast for metal/Wax sculpture should have existed before so that the gold smith can melt the gold and pour on the cast).  Please kindly correct my understanding if I am wrong.
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> This is with reference to the discussion on "Knowledge and the means of
> Knowledge,with regards to Pratyaksha(perception) in the Vedanta Paribhasha
> of Dharmaraja Advaredra.
> In Advaita vedanta,perception occurs,as the mind flows out of the senses
> and envelops the object,and takes the shape of the object, just as the
> water flows and occupies the field and takes the shape of the field.It is
> called the "vrtti".Then,recognition(smrti) comes a little later and
> says,"yes,this is that object".The light(chaitanya) that shines for the
> knowledge is "Atman".
> It is just "Sakshi"or witness for the activities of the antahkarana.This
> entity,"Atman"is changeless,since if it changes,then, there should not
> have been recognition.This is "Kutastha nitya"(ever unchanging and fixed).
>                                                           N.Srikanta.

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