[Advaita-l] Knowledge and the Means of Knowledge - 10

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  dear sri sadananda-ji,
  i think this brilliant post 10 has all the essential elements
leading to a complete theory of existence, and a mind fit 
to grasp needs nothing more to speed it on its way 
to realization.
  my thoughts on it, as follows.
Perception and Focus:
The individual mind is creative to the extent that
it focusses and seeks out objects. The field of
vision is always large in comparison to the objects 
  How do the limited objects come into being or 
are perceived, even the very first time? No doubt mind
plays a proactive role involving memory and time, in
cognizing or defining objects.
  My objection to the ordinary perception being called
direct and immediate is also with respect to this focussing
aspect of perception. Our mind focusses not only on
individual objects but also focusses on which sense
instrument to focus on. 
  Focus is instrumental in the perception of objects. Absence
of focus or wideness of focus leads to simple perception 
without division which I prefer to call direct and immediate. 
Here the perception doubles as the vritti and nivritti 
of the mind. 
  The individual mind and the external are co-existent and 
the naive form of idealism is not accepted by vedanta.
The individual mind can expand into (rather lose itself in) 
the Universal Mind and definitely the Universal Mind is the 
place where everything happens. I sometimes think of the 
Universal Mind as a garment knit by oneself and worn over
oneself. It is real, you are in it, yet it is by you!

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