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>   On the other hand, the existence of cross-examples among Categories is how
> the World of objects undermines the eternality of Names, whereas
> transcendence is how the Names or Categories are eternally subsumed.
>   3) Direct Perception
>   I would like to propose the following problem for a discussion by the list
> members. 
>   My understanding of Existence-Knowledge leads me to hypothesize 
> that direct perception is perception here & now, which means that
> it is simply being-knowledge in all purity. 
>   ...prem

Prem - PraNams 

You have provided interesting comments.

The perception actually is not only direct but immediate too. Which is of course
only at Now and here. Hence I tried to present the analysis of time in the second

There is a western teacher - I think his name is Ekhart or so who talks about 'the
world now' where the emphasis on the present. 

About the eternal categories, advaita dismisses all, since the whole world itself is
transitory - The waking world with its categories, dream world with its categories
and deep sleep with no obvious categories - keep shifting. Only thing that does not
change is the existence in the three states. Hence Krishna's statement 'nAsato
vidyate bhAvO nAbhAvo vidyate sataH' - that which is non-existent can never come to
existence and that which exists can never cease to exist - as Upanishad declare Sat
Eva idam agra asIt - existence alone was there before creation - all other are
non-eternal or transitory. 
Any eternal categories lead to dvaita. Hence only Brahman alone is eternal truth.

Hari Om!

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