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Shree Oscar farias -  PraNAms.

Shree Jaldhar H. Vyas has addressed about the availability of the book with English
Traslation.  I must say however that it is very difficult to understand both the
original as well as the English translation.

About purification of the mind - The most efficient way of purifying the mind is by
Karma yoga - that is the yoga of action - The 3rd Ch. of Gita talks about it.  I
wrote about 6 posts as series last year on Karma yoga. You may be able to down load
from archieves of  advatiaL. If you cannot let me know by private mail, I should be
able to send it you. 

Hari Om!

--- Oscar Farias <fariasol at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a question related to your comments on Vedanta ParibhASha of
> Dharmaraja Adhvarindra - (9. Perceptuality of Objects; Definition
> vindicated).
> How can we reach a mental state in order that our mind can reflect *sAkshI
> chaitanya *in Its original purity, that is, without any kind of disturbance
> or imperfections?
> Do you know where can I find a English translation of Vedanta ParibhASha of
> Dharmaraja Adhvarindra. I searched on the Internet, but I have found only in
> Sanskrit and Telugu, but unfortunately I didn´t know these languages.
> My bests,
> Oscar
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