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Shree Srikanta - PraNams.

Yes - thinker and thought - same from the substantial part not from the attributive

In a sentence we have vAchyArtha and lakshyArtha - the direct word meaning and the
implied meaning.  

Observer and observed are different from the point of vyAvahArika. Otherwise no
transaction can take place.

But the essence or substratum of both is the consciousness -If you can see that
oneness in spite of the duality, then that is the advaitic vision. The knowledge is
the consciousness itself.

Bhagavan Ramana says in Upadesha saara - dRisya vAritam chittam atmanaH,  chitta
darShaNam tatva darsHaNam. 
If you remove from all the seens (dRisyam) the superficial names and forms, that
what remains in the mind is essence of the mind which is nothing but pure

As a first step - removing as neti neti - not this not this - superficial aspects of
this thoughts what remains is the subject without an object - that is objectless
awareness that I am.

The second step is to recognize that I do not have to remove anything - since all
things are in me and I am in all things - The thoughts rise in me, sustained by me
and go back in me - I am in the thoughts (not the thoughts in the sense not the
names and forms but in and through the names and forms) - Krishna says: mayaa tatam
idam sarvam jagat avyakta mUrthinA, mastAni sarva bhUtAni na cAham teshu avatitaH| -
I pervade this entire universe in unmanifested form, All beings are in me but I am
not in them in the sense I do not their (superficial) problems do not belong to me.

Hence observer and observed are one from the point of substantives and not from the
point of superficial attributes.

Hari Om!

--- srikanta at nie.ac.in wrote:

> Dear Sirs
> I am very much greatful for reading the topic on "Perception"of the VP by
> Sri.Kuntimaddi Sadananda.I enjoyed the excellent exposition in very lucid
> style of the topic,especially how the subject can be considered as the
> object.Now,I would like to ask the venerable Sir,whether the
> statements,"Observer is the Observed","Thinker is Thought"expressed by
> the Philosopher J.Krishnamurti falls in the same category?
> Thanking You,                                        Yours sincerely,
>                                                       N.Srikanta.
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