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सन्तोषः परमो लाभः सत्सङ्गः परमा गतिः ।
विचारः परमं ज्ञानं शमो हि परमं सुखम् ॥

                   Dr R Krishnamurthi Sastrigal

Mullaivasal Dr R Krishnamurthi Sastrigal needs no introduction

to students of Adv.vedanta.He studied under Sri Polagam Rama

Sastrigal and Sri SR Krishnamurthi Sastrigal the legendary stalwarts

in the staff of Madras Sanskrit College and rose from student to

Principal of the College when he retired.(see

At the request of his Vedanta students Dr R Krishnamurthi Sastrigal  has
been taking classes on *Siddhantalesasangraha *the magnum opus of HH Appiah
Dikshitha (with commentary of Sri Krishnalankara and edited by Sri SR
Krishnamurthi Sastrigal(SRK);the indexing done by SRK itself is marvelous
piece of work-this edition has become out of print and the Samithi at
Hyderabad is being persuaded to bring out a new edition to

preserve the erudition of SRK)

The latest classes are available in the following site and members are free
to download them and hear at their convenience. .It is preferred that
members download them to a gmail account.

http://rapidshare.com/users/GEN1CL password:srkusr07

*Other lectures*

* *

Sri Sastrigal's other lectures are available at the following site:

  http://rapidshare.com/users/QBBUL2 password:mullavasal

A message to the undersigned will be appreciated.

K Sundararaman

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