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It is not correct to say that Ghana recitations have no useful purpose.The recitation heps in developing a strong 
memory and concentration.There are very subtle variations and unless you are focussed you may slip and end up in 
getting back to where you started.Vedas were never written and to commit to memory these were aids and proper 
swaras will help in strengthening the vocal cords and once you have recited you will feel a sense of well being.In 
Karnatic music also the niraval and raga swaras require constant practice so that the spirit of the music is 
preserved.So to me ghana pata is part and parcel of Vedas and those who want to commit to memory the Vedas 
should do ghana pata.Lastly Samskrit alphabets have 4 different Ka`s,Cha`s,ta`s,tha`s,pa`s,and ksha and sha and 
sa and ssa-all to be differently pronounced to convey the correct meaning.Toremember them is not an easy 

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> Sri Bhaskar,
> > (a) I heard from someone that reciting veda ghanapATam is of no 
> use...ghana> is meant only to show our mastery over recitation of 
> vEda maNtra-s in a
> > prescribed order by following the proper saNdhi between the words 
> but this
> > ghana recitation does not give any meaningful meaning....I also 
> do feel
> > like that...especially when I am doing  Ashirvachana in ghana :-
> ))  (like
> > navO navO bhavati, punastvAdityA, shatamAnaM bhavati, paryAptya
> > anantarAyAya etc.)...
> I share the same thoughts as you regarding ghana chanting. While it is
> mellifluous and dandy, the chant in itself has no meaning/purpose.
> Some pundits claim that they do it for veda samrakshana or
> "rakshartham vedanaam". Some class of pundits consider ghana bad
> because it reverses the order of words in mantras - they embrace krama
> patha more whole-heartedly.
> Regards,
> --ravi
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