[Advaita-l] Meditation (dhyAna), knowledge (jnAna) etc. in Sankara's advaita

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 12 07:26:38 CDT 2008

From: H.N.Sreenivasa Murthy
Pranams to all.

Dear Sri Vidyasankar, Dear Sri Bhaskar,

    This is a request for clarification from me who has no idea of 
Yoga of Patanjali :
       (a) What is chittavRutti? What is chittavRuttinirOdha?
       (b) To perform the act of chittavRuttinirOdha it is absolutely necessary that the doer of nirodha viz.kartRu should exist prior to the appearance of cittavRutti. Who is that entity ?  Is he different from the chitta or the same as chitta?

       (c) During the existence and dissolution of the vRitti  is there an entity separate from the chiita?

       (d) Who is the SEER of the chittavRutti in order to perform the nirOdha? Are the seer  and the doer  same entities are different entities?
         You are requested to throw complete light on the above doubts of mine.
I may please be pardoned as I do not have good command over English language. 

With respectful namaskarams,
Sreenivasa Murthy


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