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Dear ALL,
                  We all known where the scinece ends Religion starts and vice versa, But I am not sure the vice versa hold good completely or not , but it works. Being a Scientist, What I mean is that SRIVIDYA is nothing but SCIENCE ONLY. One who know the details , deep roots will have clear understadning. All our previous Mahaseya's/Writers/Sadhakas are all studies this srividya science and told us or give to the world about their opnions and expereinces. Those are all their experiences, since they have logical explnations they have right to express. It is the Fundamental right of any body to express their opnions which should have a LOGIC and should not hurt other works.
   If some one aruges theri opnions with out any logical explantion in the srividya science then it is purely a sign of immaturity only. That mean they have to study further to have logic for their statements to be Valid.
But at the same time one wants to progess in this srvidya science, one has to have firm belief and accept some of the AXIOMS (Some of the statements in Mathemtica we have to take it as such with out any proof or arguments to prove the original statements) to follow it with out any logic to procees further in SADHANA, Once you proceed further in sadhana, your logical explantion will automaticall comes of the intially accepted things.
How it looks like ?
I mean be baised to become unbaised or to know what is BIAS.
This works. 
With regards

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