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Mon Jun 9 16:37:53 CDT 2008

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Dear Sri Siva Senai
>Let us say you live in India and owe allegiance to the Indian constitution;
there are a number of laws?which are not right. What do you >think is the
right thing? One choice is to bring pressure on your elected representative
to change the idiotic law (which in India is about >as difficult as being
elected oneself), or to ignore the law and live as per your own judgement.
The latter, taken to its logical conclusion, >leads to anarchy. The former
is indeed difficult, but if you have to address the question and not run
away from it, is there another way?
>Similarly with Dharma in general.
The point here is that we can judge, protest, argue and influence the change
of the law and the govt.. But per Vidyasagar, even judging is not allowed
against SaStras
whether it is good or bad. Then there is no room for improvement. From what
I learned from this list, Sankara mandates thorough analysis and
discrimination (judgement comes out of discrimination).

>The truly great rise above revolt to lead the entire nation along the right
path. The challenge is?to be a leader?not to be anarchist. If one
>is?incapable of being a leader, one?should first acknowledge that than say
that the law is an ass. This is less personal more technical >in terms of
application of law or dharma.?Kindly do not take it personally. Much before
lecturing anybody else, the expectation of being >a leader should apply to
myself, and I don't come anywhere near that.
I am not lecturing. If I came accross that way, my sincere apoligies. Only
by engaging in discussions we can understand each other as well as the
teachings of Sankara and other great Gyanis. Also if only leaders and
anarchist are there then it is a problem. There are people in between also
and most of the time where and with who these middle level people align with
brings change good or bad. So
I do not agree with your statement either.

Hari Om


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