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<We live in a society where tons of meat are processed
every day, on an industrial scale, for human consumption.
Is animal sacrifice sanctioned by the Vedas really that 
big a problem for anybody?>

Modern societies butcher animals and consume tons of meat every day, and modern animal rightists do protest. Within the fold of Hinduism such animal rightists were present since the days of yore (Vaishnovi, Bhagavata etc).

However, I acknowledge that sacrifices today have mostly symbolic value; and even in old days animal sacrifices were optional and not obligatory. Whether or not to elevate them to the pedestal of sacred religion is an individual choice.

My request to all is that any question related to Vedic or Dharmic injunctions need not be taken as an affront to Dharma and judgmental of whole SAstra. On my part I do not want to dwell on this topic, having said whatever I wanted to say in my earlier posts.

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