[Advaita-l] Conscience in Gita

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Thu Jun 5 06:38:13 CDT 2008

Dear Members
It was not that Arjuna wanted to give up war and go to forest.He wanted the war and got the support of SriKrishna by his side in his conscious decision to wage war with his cousins who have usurped the kingdom by unfairmeans.But when the war actually was set to begin he saw the reality looming large  and got a bit confused and thought that it was better to abandon the war which would result in killing of his own relatives.So he sought Krishna`s opinion as to whether his thinking like that at this juncture was appropriate.His conscience was clouded by love and affection for his Pithamaha and Acharya who were unfortunately arrayed against him by Divine will so to say.This cloud was dispelled by Sri Krishna`s teaching and he resolves to fight declaring that his moha is destroyed and he has regained his smrithi and he will do as ordained by Sri Krishna.Therefore it is not correct to say that  his conscience was different at the beginning of the war and after the Discourse.

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