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 <Someone with a good understanding of mImAMsa might be able to explain this better. Some of
the issues you raise regarding the smR^iti-s may not arise if you
approach a proper traditional scholar. I am saying this because I also
had some of these doubts which  got (at least partially) resolved over time.>

1/ dhanyavAda to SrI Murali Karamchedu for the download link of a (pUrva) mImAMsA book

2/ 'am coming back on the issue of conscience since I find the issue important.

3/ I think, pUrva mImAMsA is not the right place to look for answers to ethical issues, though it is quite important to the Vedic studies as such. As an example, kumArila tradition sanctions animal (shyena) sacrifice for evil purpose - for causing injury to living beings. The modern day SAstrI may say that such injunctions are applicable 'sthala-kAla paratve', though orthodox tradition holds the opposite. The 'sthala-kAla paratve' via media can also be reached through conscience developed out-side SAstra-s.

4/ My personal short-cut is: Look into gItA for conscience and go to SankarAcArya for philosophy. Rest will follow.



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