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Mon Jul 21 06:02:46 CDT 2008

> [I reserve my opinion on the identity of Badarayana and
> Vyasa here]
> With Narayana Smrti,
> Devanathan.J

Shree Devanathanji PraNAms

Nice to see you here. 

Although conventionally all the bhaashyakaaras have accepted that Shree Badarayana was the same as Bhagavan Veda Vyaasa, logically it is not convincing. Since the second chapter of Brahmasuutra centered on dismissing the doctrines close to Buddhism, Brahmasuutras themselves are dated sometime around 3rd Century AD. There are close to 10 Bhaashyas on Brahmasuutras, with each bhaashyakaara claiming that suutras agrees with their darshaNa.  There are concentrated opinions that they agree more with the Shree Ramanuja's Shreebhaashya than any other.  There is also an assertion that Shree Madhusuudana Saraswati discounted Brahmasuutra to some extent since it does not closely agree with Adviata. Any thoughts on these?  

Hari Om!

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