[Advaita-l] The secret of all secrets

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Subject :- The secret of all secrets

                                      The secret of all secrets

I *key-out the essence of my own self, the secret of all the secrets,

He who knoweth this, knoweth the secret of Brahman,

The stand point from where all the *negation commenced,

>From where originated the *cause, effect and the actor,

I knoweth this all by myself after an *adept grueling,

Passing through series of numerous *divinity,

Journeying to the interior *door of all the worlds,

Where only the prime of all truths exist, as *oneness and all-ness,

Where all the *trilateral trinity set forth,

Reflecting out from same prism of "I" in *tricolor,

Where birth, life and death intermixed all in one,

Where the *principle nature is still in the embrace of *pratyagatma,

Where the sun, moon and fire all formed from same *incessant effulgence,

Where all the '*guNAs' emerge out from the source of all guNAs ever known,

Where I formed formless of myself, the supreme necessity of all,

Where I am the '*this', an iota of atom, with pseudo-infinite *radiation,

With ever shifting *scene spread around,

I traced out the essence of my own self.

Brief ===

Key-out = discover

Negation = niShEdha kriya, nEti nEti

Cause, effect and actor = kAraNa, kriya and karta

Adept grueling = intensive sAdhana

Divinity = taking births as 33 crores of dEvatas

 Door of all the worlds = "lOkasya dwAram = brahma-randha bindu cakra

Oneness and all-ness = samaShti, mahat

Trilateral trinity = triputi, triplicity of the world

Tricolor = ajAmEkAm lOhita Sukla kR^ishNAm

Birth, life and death = sR^iShti, sthiti and laya

Principle nature = mUla prakR^iti

Pratyagatma = the paramatma turned in opposite direction

Incessant effulgence = endless and uninterrupted light

guNAs = sattwa, rajas and tamas

this = idam aham

radiation = vyapti

scene = jada prakR^iti



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