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Sun Jan 13 08:44:33 CST 2008

Shrikrishna Bhogaonker wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone could tell me the list of suktams included in the Rigveda Pavamaana suktam?  I>have a wonderful CD of the Rigveda Pavamaana suktam, and I was looking for a devanagari or even english>text to follow along.  I know that the Rigveda Pavamaana suktam begins with the first suktam of the 9th>mandala of the Rigveda Samhita and goes until about the 67th suktam, but I was not sure of the actual>structure of this long suktam and what individual pieces are included.

The Pavamana sUkta includes all the suktas from 9.1 to 9.67. It is also necessary to also recite the PavamAna Khila hymn after 9.67. But given the weaknesses of humans, Shaunaka, the author of RigvidhAna says a weak person (ashakta) may recite 9.66 and 9.67, the last two suktas of the fourth adhyAya. One proper recitation of the entire PavamAna takes roughly an hour and a half.  The PavamAna homa is performed with the mantras of the PavamAna sUkta. The sankalpa of the homa states: "pavamAnAtmaka shrImahAviShNuprItyarthaM pavamAna homaM kariShye". The dravya of the homa is "tilamishra-Ajya", ghee mixed with sesame, (or just ghee in many instances). The PavamAna sUkta is a very potent suKta for purifying one from sins just as the Rudra adhyAya is for the Yajurvedins. The PavamAna sUkta is also recited during Pitr-karmas to please the Pitrs. 

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