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Mon Jan 7 22:30:00 CST 2008

Hare Krishna

Though Prof. SKR born in an orthodox madhva family, he was a staunch
follower of shankara's advaita vEdAnta.  Those who met & talked to him
personally would know how dedicated he was to shankara's teaching & its
propagation.  He learnt vEda and vEdAnta under the bonafide traditional
advaita teacher (Sri Paalakkaadu Narayana Shastri)  & he has been accepted
as disciple by then ShrugEri jagadguru H.H. Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati
mahAswaminaH...He was heading Kalpataru Samshodhana Samsthe, here in
Shankara Mutt, Bangalore.  His book in Kannada *shArada peeTada mANikya*
clearly shows how he was in close association with guru H.H. Sri
Chandrashekhara Bharati.  Let us refrain ourselves from any lose talks on
that great soul.... Here is an additional information about Sri SKR from
wikipedia :


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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