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My thanks to Sri Stig Lundgren for his clarifications regarding the 2 books.

On 08/01/2008, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian
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> I have no wish to argue with anyone. The problem is that he tends to
> spout off his own views, but also has associations with the Sringeri
> mutt. Some of his books have even been published by organizations tied
> closely to the mutt. This may mislead people into thinking that he is
> a traditional author associated with the mutt. As for me, once I see
> drivel such as the above, it tends to make me suspicious of the
> author's works in general. Srividya, etc., are guhyam, and best
> learned through some proper sources. For diaspora like myself it's an
> issue, but for you it should not be so tough.

I sincerely appreciate your feedback. I am quite conscious of the need
to approach traditional teachers on these matters. Books are only a

My idea behind reading these books was to get some understanding of
the breadth and history of Srividya and certainly not to use it as a
guide for practice. I certainly won't practise it without proper

Btw, I recently happened to attend a pravachana by Sri Goda
Venkateswara Shastri on the Vivekachudamani, which can only be
described as "superb". So there are many advantages of being in India,

My sincere thanks once again

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