[Advaita-l] Books by SK Ramachandra Rao

Stig Lundgren slu at bredband.net
Sat Jan 5 10:20:32 CST 2008

Dear Ramesh,

I do have the two books in question. They are both excellent and I strongly 
recommend them. "The Tantrik practices in Sri Vidya" is not an abridgement 
of "Sri Vidya Kosha". It´s a completely different book.

Regarding "The Tantrik practices in Sri Vidya": The first part of the book 
is a translation (together with the Sanskrit original) of the work "Sri 
Sharada Catushshatika", which was written in Sringeri by Simhambhattula 
Ramamurti Shastri (he was the asthana vidwan of Sringeri). It´s a poetical 
work dealing with Sri Chakra, and it was dedicated to H.H. Jagadguru Swami 
Chandrasekhara Bharati. The latter part of the book is dealing with yantra, 
mantra and tantra of Sri Chakra.

Regarding "Sri Vidya Kosha": This is a comprehensive and richly illustrated 
work written in English, but it also includes large amounts of Sanskrit 
(devanagari script without transliteration). The chapter headings are 1) 
Background; 2) Srividya lineages; 3) Yantra Rahasya; 4) Mantra Rahasya; 5) 
Puja Rahasya; 6) Amnaya Pantheon.

Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao has also written, for example, the book "Sri 
Chakra". This is also much recommendable. It´s a small book of 96 pages, 
covering the following topics (chapter headings): 1) The cult of Sri-Vidya; 
2) What is Yantra?; 3) Sri-Chakra as a Yantra; 4) Preparation of Sri-Chakra; 
5) Varieties of Sri-Chakra; 6) The Nine Enclosures; 7) The Mantra of 
Sri-Chakra; 8) The Mantra of Symbolism; 9) The Tantric Model; 10) Kama Kala; 
11) Some Derivative Deities.

All three books have been published by Sri Satguru Publications.

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren

> SK Ramachandra Rao, one of the encyclopedic scholars of the Dharma in
> recent times, has authored 2 books on Sri Vidya:
> 1. The Tantrik practices in Sri Vidya
> 2. Sri Vidya Kosha

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