[Advaita-l] What is Maya?

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Namaste Savithri ji

I read this example in a kannada publication - Manasse Relax Please (Oh!
Mind, please Relax) by Swami Sukhabhodananda. I have also heard the
elephant version cited by Sri Guy Werlings. I have not read or heard
the source of this example. Since there is more than one version of this,
I doubt if the source is shAstra.

K. Ramakrishna

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Namaste Sri Ramakrishna,

Thanks for bringing this example up.

I read this example many years ago for the first time in Sacchidanandendra
Saraswati Swamiji explanation of how Shastras are instrumental to reach the
goal, and how it is transcended and useless after jnAna. This is a great
example of how shastras are the antya pramANa.

Can you please tell me the source of this example, viz, is it from any of
the upanishads, etc?


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