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Sat Sep 29 22:07:21 CDT 2007

--- Ramanathan P <p_ramanathan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >  how could the Atman which, in essence, is the
> same
> infinite, 
> > impenetrable, unaffected, unassailable,
> all-knowing
> > Brahman be deluded into a miserable state? 
> Similarly for your suggestion that Brahman is
> deluded
> to a miserable state. 

Sorry to have misread/implied: you said the atman is
in miserable state and not Brahman. The response may
still have some relevance. 


> If we speak of atman, then we
> have preaffirmed jiva and jagat, and in the light of
> scripture, we may say that the "jiva" is deluded; a
> beginningless delusion for it is simultaneous with
> "jiva" or "atman" (time, causation, etc correspond
> to
> jiva-jagat alone). 
> There is really no talk of Brahman at this stage,
> except for intellectual guidance. Rather say
> ishvara,
> maya, etc. which are valid assessments parallel to
> atman/mind-body and "its" misery. To talk of Brahman
> and duality simultaneously (or in a causal manner)
> may
> be abuse of terminology and can lead to ill-founded
> questioning. Verify such possibilities.
> Ramanathan
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