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> muNDaka upanishad says satyameva jayate. taittirIya
> upanishad says brahman is satyam, jNAnam, anantam.
> bRhadAraNyaka upanishad says brahman is satyasya
> satyam. We have so many instances of brahman and
> satya being associated in the upanishads. How
> important is it for an aspiring brahma jNAni to
> speak the truth? Is it necessary that he or she must
> not speak lies?

Satyam is far more deeper meaning than just speaking
the truth.

That which is true is trikaala abhaadhitam - that
which non-sublated at any time - past, present and
future. Hence viveka is required to know what is that
satyam or changeless in the ever changing world.

Satyam is the swaruupa laxana of Brahman in satyam
jnaanam anatam - statement.

Satyam eve jayate - truth prevails in the end since
that never changes and by definition has to prevail
among the changing things.

Speaking the truth is only one aspect since telling a
lie would split ones personality. Since one knows the
truth, and one still lies, there is an internal
conflect between his intellect that knows the truth
and the mind that tries to overrule the intellect. One
compromises one's own value since he has a value for
telling the truth as he does not like if someone else
tells him a lie.  When one compromises ones own value,
he commits a sin and he is punished by the sin - that
is the law. Hence not telling a lie is important. 
Second the truth that he tells should be priam -
should be pleasing also.  

In many cases the mounam is the best unless one needs
to tell the truth to protect dharma.

Hari OM!

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