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Dvaita monks are also ekadandins, but for purely historical reasons.
Madhvaacharya (shrimad aananda tiirtha) was initiated into sannyaasa by a
Advaitic sannyasin, acyutaprekSa tiirtha. Maadhvaacharya later refuted the
advaita system and wrote bhaashyas according to his Dvaita worldview. Thus,
to this day, maadhva sannyasins carry one danda and dashanaami suffixes,
usually tiirtha. They make it thoroughly clear that their ekadanda does not
represent the non-dual Brahman.

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> I have a question to ask on Advaitin..
> I understand that the Advaita saints are also called "Eka Dandi", which
> means that, they have a single Dhandam (stick) representing Athman &
> Bhraman are one and the same
> Does it mean that Dwvaita saints always hold two Dhandams (stick)
> jointly in their hands on the principles of dwaitha?
> Just a small clarification please if it is not objectionable
> KSS/19.09.2007

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