[Advaita-l] Advaita-l Digest, Vol 53, Issue 16

Guy Werlings werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 19 13:46:12 CDT 2007

"K.Sankarasubramanian(Finance/TVS-E)" wrote:

>I have a question to ask on Advaitin..
> I understand that the Advaita saints are also called "Eka Dandi", which
> means that, they have a single Dhandam (stick) representing Athman &
> Bhraman are one and the same
> Does it mean that Dwvaita saints always hold two Dhandams (stick)
> jointly in their hands on the principles of dwaitha?
> Just a small clarification please if it is not objectionable
> KSS/19.09.2007

Well, as far as I am concerned I do not find this question objectionable, 
but I do consider it as leading to plain "bullshit".
Dvaitin saints or monks do not need to hold to daNDa-s. One daNDa for them 
would be sufficient also to illustrate their darshana, because even one 
daNDa has two ends, the one on the ground, pointing at prakR^iti, and the 
one pointing at the PuruSha.
Every stick, daNDa, has two ends, and if you break one stick in two pieces, 
you get two smaller sticks with two ends each.
BTW, this shows that there cannot be such a thing as "duality", because when 
you break one thing into two other things, what you get is in fact not a 
dualiy but a triad or trinity, in the present case, at least one new stick 
with its two ends, i.e. three aspects of the previous reality. Apart from 
the pure aspect of philosophy, the early Hiduism had clearly understood 
this. When, in the Immensity, brahma, appears under the power of shakti a 
volition of creation, what comes out of it is not a duality but the triad of 
brahmA, viShNu and shiva.
Nowhere in the world can you see duality. Take this e-mail as an example; 
there are at least three factors involved: I who wrote it on my PC, you now 
reading it and the screen on which you are currently reading it. When I was 
delivering lectures on VEdAnta 30 years ago, I often used this as a 
dR^iShTAnta: in this lecture, there is this little self of i, talking 
endlessly, there is this audience, everyone of you eagerly listening, and 
there is the spoken message flowing from me to you and the relationship that 
tends to be established between you and me. But in no case our present 
experience can be reduced to the the sole two aspects I and you.

The hair-splitting Frenchie,


P.-S. even splitted a hair has still two ends.

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